Citrus & Sage Margarita

May 18, 2011

in Tequila

I love’s so different than any other herb out there! A little bit mossy and earthy in a soft & subtle way. The citrus juices in this margarita really brighten up the flavor of the sage in the best way. I think its great for rainy spring and summer days where you have that warmth of the fruit and the savoriness of the herb.

2 or 3 fresh sage leaves

1 ½ ounces tequila

¾ ounce lime juice

½ ounce triple sec

¼ lemon juice

¼ ounce simple syrup

In a cocktail shaker, gently muddle the sage leaves with the simple syrup. Add ice and remaining ingredients to cocktail shaker and shake well. Strain into a margarita or cocktail glass to serve.

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