Coconut & Rose Water Spritzer

November 29, 2011

in Champagne & Prosecco

If you can believe it, up until a couple of weeks ago I had never tried coconut water. It was only so long that I could ignore Zico’s cute packaging and awesome flavor selection (passion fruit, pomegranate, chocolate!?!) Good thing too – it’s so delish, low-cal, healthy and unique. If you’ve never tried it before make sure to take a sip before making a big batch of these – I really think it’s a hit or miss flavor. Coconut water is light, nutty, and slightly sweet in a hydrating (rather than sticky) way. It’s not fruity or juicy, nor does it taste much like the standard sweet coconut products available.

If you were hoping for a real coconutty drink I’m sorry to disappoint, lovelies. No fear, though – I’m working on a coconut infused vodka that will be a perfect replacement in this cocktail.

1 ounce coconut water

1 tiny drop of rose water

Chilled champagne to top

Add the ingredients to a champagne glass and stir gently. Serve immediately.


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