Grapefruit Campari Sorbet

January 16, 2012

in Desserts

I have a serious obsession with sorbet. It’s very calorie-conscious, super easy to make on your own and happens to be the perfect base for sparkling cocktails! I’ve seen this flavor of sorbet available in stores, but if you ask me you should definitely make it on your own. Not only is it cheaper ($6 for a pint of sugar & juice!), but the texture of homemade sorbet is so much fluffier and delicate. If you don’t have an ice-cream machine, I have to tell you that it’s my favorite appliance – ever. A little investment like this machine will pay off.

My favorite way to serve this sorbet is to add a scoop to a champagne glass and top with some sparkling wine or prosecco. It has a delicious, slightly bitter taste that plays so well with the mellow bubbles. Nick uses it by swirling in some bourbon for a quick & easy cocktail. I love to keep a stack of different flavor sorbets to use as cheap mixers that are infinitely creative and don’t go bad!

3 cups grapefruit juice (from about 4 ½ large grapefruits)

¾ cups white granulated sugar

4 ounces campari

Slice your grapefruits in half and strain the juice into a large bowl. Use a fine strainer to filter the juice and discard any seeds.

Measure three cups of the grapefruit juice into a medium saucepan. Turn the heat to medium and stir in your sugar. Warm the mixture, stirring occasionally, until the sugar has dissolved completely – this should only take a few minutes. Remove the juice from the heat and transfer back to the large bowl.

Refrigerate the juice for at least an hour or until you are ready to churn your sorbet. Stir in the campari and freeze the mixture according to the ice cream machine’s instructions.

If you make sorbet often, you’ll notice this this recipe doesn’t freeze as quickly as other mixtures. This is due to the campari. All you need to do is pop it into the freezer after its been churned. Stir it after 45 minutes so any liquid doesn’t freeze into a solid mass. Your sorbet will turn out perfectly!


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