Jewelry Organization 101

February 17, 2012

in Home & Design

Do you have as many issues organizing your copious jewelry collection as I do? I’m always looking for something a little bit unique and (most importantly) practical. Jewelry boxes are great for little collections of dainty pieces, but when it comes to trendier items that are bulky, big boxes with tiny drawers just don’t cut it. I’ve finally found a system that works perfectly for me: jewelry tree with trinket dish/box, trays for my dresser drawer and a hanging organizer for the closet.

1) Jewelry tree – The tree featured here has been on my dresser for over a year and I absolutely love it! It’s perfect for displaying all the necklaces, rings and bracelets in my current rotation. If I can’t see my options in the morning, chances are I won’t be accessorizing at all. This is a great way see just a few options so I’m not overwhelmed. Here’s a gorgeous gold version with a few more branches.

2) Trinket tray/box – Any earrings or heavy pieces go in my accompanying trinket dish. Anthropologie has a nice rotating collection like the cute blue & white dish seen above. The Glass Shadow Boxes from West Elm are a little more masculine and come in lots of different sizes. Love the idea of matching his & her boxes with monograms. You can use anything from soap dishes to this cool hammered serveware…be creative! I think a cake stand like this one would be adorable and super unique.

3) Stacking drawers – Delicate pieces that you like to have around for easy access fit perfectly in these stacking drawers from The Container Store. If you have a little room in your top dresser drawer, build your own system of trays with compartments for rings, watches, necklaces, etc. They fit together perfectly and are easy to reorganize.

4) Hanging organizer – This system is great because it comes with pockets for little items and velcro loops for heavy & bulkier things. All your pieces are out and easy to see while still being organized, tangle-free and compact! If you want one with all loops, this is a great option.

Doesn’t being organized feel good?!


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