La Marca Prosecco

October 13, 2011

in Booze & Wine Reviews

Darling, I am sooo glad I found you…

La Marca is definitely one of the best proseccos I’ve have had in a long, long time. Refreshingly simple, super bubbly, budget safeĀ  – just a little glass of perfection. The flavor is mild and light to the extent where you can toss in a few blackberries or macerated strawberries and really be able to taste the light flavors. A great way to highlight a gorgeous seasonal fruit or a touch of flavored simple syrup (try lavender or chamomile).

This is a great, affordable processo if you’re looking to add delicate flavors. Those who choose to sip it straight should be looking for a dry, crisp, light flavor with minimal body (it would make a great beginner’s wine!) But the best quality of La Marca is its ability to lend a clean, bubbly base to other pretty flavors.

Love Level – perfect for layering flavors, very mild, extra bubbly

La Marca Prosecco – about $14


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