Makeover Monday – July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

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I tweeted earlier about how awesome Sephora’s new nail collection is and how excited I was to try some of their new products out. Look how amazing this blasted effect is – it creates a shattered shell over a layer of color, giving you a two-toned, textured print. It comes in a ton of different colors (I love the black and silver) and works best when paired with a contrasting color. I went for a summer pop combo below, but I can’t wait to pair it up with a nice shade of brown in the winter! I think it’ll create a subtle animal print look without the effort of detailing!

Here’s the color I started with. It’s Sephora Collection nail polish in Teeny Bikini. I love the Sephora Collection selection – they only cost 5 bucks and you can always seem to find the trendiest colors. I wanted to go for the Illamasqua minty green but wasn’t such a fan of the $14 price tag. Love their polishes but not so sure I’d get my money out of a color I can’t see wearing more than a few times… This one went on smoothly and was definitely something I’d recommend!

After the green was completely dried, I shook up the bottle of Silver Blasted Nail Color. Working rather quickly, I covered the green with a single thin coat of polish. Don’t worry about the perfect coat – it’s going to crack anyways! Repeat for the rest of your nails, but when you see the brush getting goopy make sure to shake it up so your layers don’t get too thick. Check out the video on OPI’s website if you want to watch an application before your attempt.

The final look:

Really cute and fun, right?!? I’m going to pick up the black one, too!


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